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NEXT University is a cutting-edge higher education learning institution located in Washington, DC. The administration of NEXT University has a vision to increase its reach into a large urban population to provide an alternative place for students of all ages to gather, connect, explore and engage in lifelong learning experiences.


The Next Hub is an educational facility that celebrates lifelong learning and continuous progression by uniting the Washington D.C. residents. The space serves as an intersection point, similar to the famous Dupont Circle, a traffic circle and park located in the historic district of Northwest D.C. Major streets lead to the circle which features a historic fountain at its center where many locals and tourists engage. This inspires the NEXT Hub’s goal to invite residents from various stages of life and areas in D.C. to utilize the central space. This intersection translates to the interior with “collision zones” strategically designed to be focal points of social learning. This correlates with the new class of learners that are eager to reach new destinations of opportunity. Through NEXT Hub, adult learners will have the chance to gain knowledge and achieve new heights, without the boundaries that stem from a lack of education. This concept is exhibited through countless views of the outdoors to inspire a blossoming future, in addition to visual cues into neighboring spaces to direct students to a new and exciting space. The NEXT Hub incorporates a collection of “street” and urban-inspired finishes, and a variety of social settings to suit people of various needs and social preferences. These aspects together create an inclusive environment that celebrates the melting pot that is the United States, as well as the diverse people of its capital, Washington D.C.




This material selection represents the intersection that is the NEXT Hub, The palette is used in spaces that encourage spontaneous collaboration in an open space while providing visual cues to students, directing them to new areas of the space.


NEXT Hub students are always under construction, constantly working to improve upon various aspects of their lives. This material selection represents the progress that NEXT Hub users will achieve through life-long learning. The palette is utilized in spaces that encourage active learning and are the main focal points of the program.


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The circle in the logo represents the users of the Next Hub. The space serves residents of Washington D.C. from all corners of the city and all walks of life regardless of age, gender, sexual orientation, ability, income level, and so much more. 


The arrow represents the said users traveling from their individual neighborhoods to the heart of D.C. Bringing along their unique perspectives and experiences that spark collaboration and true diversity of thought. This is not only incorporated through branding but way-finding as well.  


The cross in the branding was inspired by the intersection of the one and only Dupont Circle. When multiple copies of the logo are put together, they reveal an intersection, representing the individual users joining at the collision zone that is the NEXT Hub.  

branding concept no background.png
branding concept no background.png